Some #MondayMending projects

Last year on her YouTube channel, Evelyn Wood started doing a #MendingMonday project where every Monday she would pick a piece of clothing from her wardrobe and give it some attention.  What a great idea to keep your wardrobe fresh and wearable! I’ve done four so far I wanted to share.


Let’s go from left to right.  Each project took about a half-hour.

Left – a Top Shop jacket. The thread holding the bottom hem up was falling off. One light tug and it pulled out completely.  I took it to my machine and did a blind hem to secure it back in place.


Center – a thrifted cashmere sweater had a hole in the sleeve. It was also badly pilled. I hand-sewed the hole shut…


… and shaved off the pills.


Good as new!


Right – A great-fitting v-neck t-shirt. The sleeves had come apart under the arm. Sadly, this shirt was too far gone to save. There wasn’t enough fabric left to repair the sleeves. On further examination, the rest of the shirt had little holes in it and was nearly see-through! I put it aside to use for jeans pockets.

Most recently — with the success of the cashmere sweater — I decided to de-pill another favorite cardigan.


This sweater, though, would have none of it. No pills came off and it was just getting thinner. I noticed a lot of bad-looking seams too.  It’s been a great sweater and I love the waterfall collar, but it’s no longer a wearable garment.  I decided to fetch the seam ripper and turn it into a pattern. Here it is 10 minutes later:


I took a lot of pictures during the process and also snipped some notches so I can understand later how this comes together.  It’s exciting because if I had not done Monday Mending I wouldn’t have a new sweater project to look forward to!  -rp

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  1. good idea! I like sewing and making clothes, but for some reason mending/repairing clothes I already have seems like such a chore to me! haha but I should do it!

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