Finding my favorite fashion era

In a recent blog post from Closet Case Patterns, Heather Lou mentioned that her favorite era of fashion was the 1930s.  Hours later on YouTube, I heard What Abi Makes say that her favorite era was the 1960s. It got me thinking that part of my beginner sewing journey has to be discovering my own favorite era.

As a lifelong movie lover, my first thoughts were of film costumes. My favorite movies are nearly always: 1) sci-fi, 2) futuristic. Lucky for me, sci-fi movies are usually futuristic (except Star Wars, which is about “a long time ago”). Thus,

My favorite era is the future.

I’m not sure if this is allowed — having a favorite era that hasn’t happened yet. But it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want!


Boy, did Bruce Willis ever look better than in Jean-Paul Gautier’s orange tank top for The Fifth Element? Obviously, no.  And in case you were wondering: Yes, the future is all about sleeves.  At present, according to Sew Guide, there are 49 types of sleeves. In the future, there will be, at minimum, 185 types of sleeves. Note that Gautier’s jacket here has a different sleeve style on each side. Wow. Just wow.

In another blog post at Closet Case Patterns, Amy gets up-to-date on what Gautier is showing in Paris in 2020. He is still miles ahead of us in the distant future. Sadly (for me, not for him), he announced his retirement recently. Amy said he made 172 looks for Paris this year, and was going to edit but decided to keep them all in. What a finale!

In considering designers who look to the future for inspiration, we must consider the Spanish designer, Paco Rabanne. Just Google “Paco Rabanne red carpet” and you’ll know the future is definitely silver and shiny.  It’s this shininess that really draws me in.  As I mentioned in my sewing story, my first favorite top was a shiny teal jacket after all.


The future’s so bright

Also inspiring are Jany Tamime’s costumes for the movie Passengers. The colors and crisp lines are so ultra-modern. In the future, blouse facings are on the outside! Keep reading this blog to see me sew everything J. Law wears in the movie (really, not really).


Here are some patterns that I think skew (or could be skewed) to the future era:

  • Sew This Pattern Birdie Bomber Jacket – A must in the shiny rainbow fabric. This is definitely the jacket of the future. Well, all bomber jackets are future-compliant.
  • Simplicity 3694 – I’ve seen photos on Instagram and this jacket has that clean and crisp look. Make it in bright orange and hop into your time machine.
  • Named Clothing Beryl Bomber Dress – If bomber jackets are great, then bomber dresses are even better.
  • Helmi Tunic Dress – I love the band collar. Collars with points will look so 1999.
  • Hot Patterns Last Minute Poncho – Shiny rust-colored leggings and a fur-collared poncho: The future is here!
  • Itch To Stitch Orono Top – Itch To Stitch has some fantastic contemporary patterns, and this is one. When people get bored with sweatshirts, they will seek out this petal-bottom version.
  • Itch To Stitch Sequoia Cargos – Love the bright colors in the sample photos. In addition to sleeves, the future is also all about pockets.

Please post any patterns you’ve seen from the future era!  -rp




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