Pine Cove Pajama Set

The Pine Cove Pajamas from Itch to Stitch are my latest make — and my first try at a pair of pajamas. Sadly, I can’t say I’m thrilled with the result. The pattern was released just before Christmas 2020 and the pattern announcement has tons of gorgeous versions of these pajamas. In all cases, the neckline is quite high and the outer ties are fastened just below the left breast. Neither of these turned out to be the case for me and, consequently, no amount of moving the ties up or down, or tying them tight or loose seems to make this top fit.



Did I make the top too big? I made the 12 because that’s what fit my hip measurement. Reviewing the measurement chart now, though, I see that the bust for the 12 would be about 2 3/4 inches too big. So I should have made an 8 top and a 12 bottom? That’s the opposite of how I normally grade!

The outside tie hits me a few inches below the bust — which seems too high. All of the pattern testers have the tie even higher, though. The hem of the top does not line up, because I have to cinch the ties to get the top to stay shut. Let’s just leave it there. I made two sizes too big. Period.

I ordered the fabric from Califabrics using a $15 off coupon they sent me, and it’s called Asphodel Trace Cotton Voile by Art Gallery Fabrics. Like a lot of fabrics I receive from Califabrics, I was surprised by how thin and see-through the fabric is. Sure, the description says “fine, semi-sheer cotton voile” and that sounded fine for something I’m wearing to sleep in. Oddly, fine and semi-sheer fabrics are not comfortable to sleep in for me — I know this now. With the discount, the 5 yards of fabric I needed for this pattern came to $48, which would not have bought these silk pajamas from Nordstrom, but could have gotten a law-away started.

The pajama pants fit very nicely. I lengthened them by 2″ so they wouldn’t be terribly highwater. I have worn the pants several times with a t-shirt and it was agreeable.

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you’re getting the impression that my sewjo is at an all-time low. Everything I’ve been knitting lately turns out gorgeous, yet when I hit the sewing machine, it’s a disaster. Let’s hope my new winter module will change all that! -rp

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