Mastering the Molly Top: Again

When I decided to pause sewing new patterns and collect a few Tried and True (TNT) patterns, I thought it would be so easy. Well, it’s not. The first top I decided to master — the Molly Top by Sew Over It — is proving that it won’t go easily into my TNT notebook.

I made the top semi-successfully a few weeks ago in a waffle knit. Looking back, I did think it was a *bit* tight on the sides, and the arms were tight. I modified the pattern to widen the arms, but forgot about the body. My rules for this challenge were: I couldn’t consider the pattern a TNT unless I could make it again with NO modifications and it fit perfect. So I had to make it one more time after my waffle knit.

I chose a nice, thick gray cotton knit from Bolt Fabrics in Portland. I was able to pick it out in person, so no complaints at all about the fabric. Unfortunately, I made up the Molly again and it was — surprise: too tight.

I did sew an awesome neckline, so I’m happy about that!

You can see from the above that it’s just all-over too tight, so I’m going to try again and print a brand new version two sizes up. This was the 12 and I’m going to do the 16 because I was sewing the 12 with 1/4″ seam allowance — so it was really the 14.

I’ll true-up the length and sleeve length with my existing pattern.  I’ll also copy my neckline, which is moved in quite a bit. The natural Molly neckline is rather wide.

With all the modifications, I’m looking at two more tries, at minimum, before I can put this one in the binder and move on. Looking forward to that! -rp