“Spring in Isolation”: Module Reveal!

#TheGreatModuleSewalong Instagram challenge may be over, but I’m still going strong on it! The concept of module sewing has really helped my ideas take shape in 2020. If it wasn’t clear to me before that sewing is really a creative expression, it is now when I look at this module I’ve just completed as compared to my first module.

My new “Spring in Isolation” module consists of three tops, two bottoms, one dress and one topper. The module is designed so everything co-ordinates together. It came out very heavy on neutrals, which is not a surprise going into my third month of self-isolation. That’s kind of how I’m feeling at the moment.



My first module was inspired by a future Paris city break. Far from this, my second module is all about: 1) comfort while working from home, 2) but not too much comfort because I’m still working, and 3) pieces must co-ordinate with module one.

Patterns & Fabrics

  • Khaki pants are Mia Jeans from the Sew Over It City Break eBook. Fabric is stretch twill from Sewing Studio.
  • Blue pants are Closet Case Pietra Pants in View B with 100% cotton from Califabrics.
  • Cowl neck sweater is a cowl neck hack on a Grainline Hemlock Tee in oatmeal sweatering from Sewing Studio.
  • Gray floral top is an Alex Shirt, also from the Sew Over It City Break eBook. Fabric is from Sewing Studio.
  • Coral top is a Sew Liberated Esme Top in cotton gauze from La Mercerie (from when they still sold fabric!).
  • Dress is a Sew Over It Molly Dress also from the City Break eBook in a striped navy ponte de roma from Sewing Studio.
  • Cardigan is the Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan (split hem hack) in a light grey sweatering from Califabrics.

It was key that everything in this module co-ordinates with the pieces from module one. Whitney at TomKat Stitchery on YouTube, one of the sponsors of The Great Module Sewalong, made a point that with two modules you haven’t then doubled your wardrobe, but have actually quadrupled it, as two modules turns into 48 outfits. I have even more with the addition of a dress!

I’m really happy with how these new pieces all play nice together. Coral top (which I pulled out of the scrap bin and refashioned after this disaster) goes with all the bottoms —


Mia trousers go with all the tops and toppers —


Alex shirt goes with all the bottoms —


Molly dress goes with both toppers —


I think I’ve driven the point home.

Not sure if I want to do a third module. I do really love the concept and how it gives structure to my creativity. I have some stash fabrics to work through, though, that I’ve acquired in the last six months, and they don’t all work together. Maybe doing some single projects with bold fabrics will shake me up and out of a neutral state of mind! -rp