My Sewing Story: Part Three – Community

I came for the clothes but I definitely stayed for the community.

As mentioned in Part Two, the Closet Case Learn to Sew Clothing class had assignments at the end of the units. Mid-way through the class, Heather Lou urged us try making the free Closet Case sewing machine cover. I was eager to try all my new skills: printing a PDF pattern, cutting and taping it out, cutting the fabric, sewing around corners, making bias tape and piping, etc., etc.

Sidebar: I’ve since learned there is somewhat of a divide about paper or PDF patterns. I’m squarely in the PDF camp. I love cutting and taping the pattern together — it’s like a super-fun puzzle.


The sewing machine cover project was really fun. I took a picture of the finished cover and posted it to my Instagram. My account theretofore had been used mostly to showcase baking; at least since I binge-watched The Great British Baking Show on Netflix.

I started following everyone who had liked my post.  Quickly I saw from there posts that — no offense to bakers — but these sewists were organized. They were all involved in some kind of hashtag challenge that looked really fun. They had gatherings called “Frocktails.” They blogged about their makes, wrote pattern reviews, held “sew-a-longs.” I wanted in.

Fabric stores were on Instagram too, showing magical photos of buttery flowing fabrics. I couldn’t get enough.

After that I began to explore YouTube.  What might sewists be doing there? Anything?

Of course I found a bunch of channels.  Here’s me with some of my first finds:


The Fold Line
TomKat Stitchery
Lifting Pins and Needles

Let’s not forget podcasts. Especially the Love to Sew podcast.  They have no shortage of rabid fans and it’s because they are so fun to listen to. I wake up joyful every Tuesday morning knowing I’ll have downloaded new episode in the night.

Helen and Caroline recently spoke to Petite Font, who talked about a list of challenges she publishes each year: 2020 Maker Challenges. I’m going to join as many as I can.

The garment sewist community has inspired me more than I can express. Without it, that sewing machine cover may have been the last thing I sewed. The first time I took up sewing, more than 10 years ago, there was no Instagram. And I quit. Related?

So that’s my sewing story. I started this blog to be a part of this new community I found, and to start my sewing journey the same way Heather Lou and Helen from Love to Sew started — with sharing their thoughts about their fascinating new hobby and seeing where it will take them!



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