Plans for The Great Module Sewalong 2020

As I said in my sewing story, I came for the sewing but I stayed for the sewing challenges.

The first Instagram challenge I joined was #owop19 — One Week One Pattern 2019.  I kind of got the concept: Post pictures of one pattern, sewn or styled in different ways, everyday for a week.  Oh, and use the hashtag. Oh, and tag the sponsors. It was a really wonderful experience. I (virtually) met so many people and learned about so many popular patterns. It was lucky I had made six versions of the Cielo top for my Closet Case Learn to Sew class.



Since then, I’ve kept my ear to the ground about new Instagram challenges. Whitney, who runs one of my favorite YouTube channels, TomKat Stitchery, announced a new challenge in January called The Great Module Sewalong #thegreatmodulesewalong. It runs until March 24. Carla from Stay Stitching is also an organizer.

The sewalong challenges participants to create a module (a smaller version of a “capsule”) that contains 3 tops, 2 bottoms and 1 topper (a layering piece).  The bottoms go with all the tops and the topper and vice-versa.

Thankfully, it’s not a requirement to sew all six garments. Whitney and Carla said it was perfectly OK to slip in something you didn’t make or a refashion. The idea is you’re flexing your module muscles.

I found picking coordinating fabrics and pieces is a lot harder than it sounds! My first focal piece was my knit Aurora top.  I also wanted to include the Winslow culottes I had just finished.


Are you seeing what I’m seeing? I do have a bold streak, but even I just can’t justify putting these two together.

I was definitely going to use some army green cotton slub I bought in Seattle last year at Dry Goods Design as a Sabalito Top from Itch To Stitch. (Read about my Sabalito top here.) But this also would not work with the yellow top. So I pulled out the yellow and subbed in dusty rose.


The black denim I’m planning to make into an Itch To Stitch Danube Skirt. That will surely go with everything. I pulled out one of my Cielo tops. Now I just needed two more tops. Time to wander around Joann?

With a swatch of my green slub in-hand, I slid it across every bolt of garment fabric (and some quilting fabrics). My swatch stopped on its own in front of a rose-colored velvet. I exclaimed, “Are you kidding me? Why does this look so good? I can’t sew velvet!!” The velvet came home with me anyway.  At minimum, I can struggle through a simple t-shirt pattern with it.

A few days later, I looked at this grouping again and didn’t like the culottes with the green slub. Culottes are out. And I added some new fabrics I got in the mail from Califabrics: a rayon stretch tie-dye and some stretch denim.


Now I’m really spoiled for choice!  I guess the truth is: This module will not be done until it’s done.  I’m just going to start with tops and work my way through to pants. I know it’s not true for everyone, but a deadline really motivates me. Let’s hope March 24 doesn’t sneak up on me.   -rp

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