Spoiled for sewing classes lately

I’m amazed and grateful that during this COVID-19 pandemic so many talented sewing and pattern companies have offered up incredible learning resources at free and reduced prices. As an online learning fiend, I have taken full advantage! I wanted to share links to some classes and tutorials I’ve been enjoying.

Stitch Sisters: Guide to Overlockers


I heard about this course (I think) from Kealy at Voice of a Creative on YouTube. Someone had purchased this class for her as a gift. I went to look at the class and it was half-price — about $18 U.S. I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with my two sergers since I started sewing last fall. I was eager to master this contraption and so signed up immediately. I feel much more confident now troubleshooting tension issues, which is something I do every time I start a new project. I’ve rewatched several videos while I was working with the serger. I also took away a lot of tips that are saving me time and thread!

Closet Case Patterns: Sew Your Dream Jeans


Closet Case offered a discount on this class in April, but I didn’t jump on it and mentioned my regret to Eric. He very sweetly remembered and purchased this class for me for my birthday a few weeks ago. I’ve been limiting myself to one class per day so I don’t blow through the whole thing and retain nothing. I’m about 1/4 through it and have learned a ton already about cutting, grading, and making pattern adjustments. It has really helped that I had made the Mountain View Pull-on Jeans and Mia Jeans before I took the class. Trying jeans-making first with no instructions has made the class more relatable and given me a starting point.

Grainline Studios: Hemlock Tee Sewalong


Unlike the two classes above, this is a free resource, but it sure doesn’t seem like a free resource! I consider it an online course because it’s well-produced and has clear and close-up instructional videos. There’s so much great information in this five-video series  that applies to working with all knits. Where was this 6 months ago when I was struggling so much with knits?  I heard Jennifer Beeman on the Love to Sew podcast say that she knew there was a trend of selling tutorials like this, but she always wanted hers to be free. Amazing! I can’t wait to get started on her Archer Button-up series that is just starting.


I would really like to sign up for the Sew Over It Stitch School, because I’m such a big fan of their patterns. They have reduced it to only 5 pounds ($6.15) a month, with no commitment. I’ve put it off in order to focus on the three described above, and also because Lisa has been doing some fun sewalongs on the Sew Over It YouTube channel that I want to spend some time with first. But I’ve got some serious FOMO about my decision!

What are your favorite sewing resources online?  Please leave a comment below! Thanks! -rp