TNT Short-Sleeve Top: ABB Tee

A couple posts ago I shared a goal to establish some real Tried-and-True (TNT) patterns. These would be patterns I can pull out when I stumble across a lovely fabric and want to make something I know I’ll be happy with. I’m starting with tops, because it seems I can never have too many. I’m still in-development on making the Molly Top by Sew Over It my TNT long-sleeve shirt. For my short-sleeve shirt, I bring you: the ABB Tee by DIBY Club.

Yes, that’s my husband, Eric, and not me. Here’s how this happened: I had made a sample of the Men’s ABB Tee (I didn’t know DIBY Club had a Women’s ABB Tee — but they do!) to test my customizations to the pattern pieces. Eric’s birthday was coming up, so I asked him to try on the sample. He kindly obliged.

The sample fit great! So I decided to make the first ABB Tee for him with a Cloud 9 striped knit from the brick-and-mortar Bolt Fabrics here in Portland. It’s a thick and luscious interlock knit that I had the opportunity to fondle in person when Bolt re-opened to the public recently.

Only two things could be improved in this make, and they’re a bit frustrating because I’m not sure how I would like them improved. I’m just vaguely dissatisfied with them. Which reminds me of my favorite of Matt Groening’s “9 Types of Girlfriends”:

1) My twin-needle stitching around the neckline. It seems puffy. Does it seem puffy? This might be how it’s supposed to look.

2) The sleeve caps. They also seem puffy. Also, for a man’s shirt, I think the sleeve needs to be a bit more raglan, so the seam hits below the glenohumeral joint, no?

Overall, I’m quite happy with the result. It’s a gosh sight better than the Sunday V-Neck, which is no longer worn on account of its puckered neckline.

Would it be weird if I made myself an exact copy and we wore them to BBQ’s? We’ll see. -rp