Winter Module Plans with 2 Coats!

A new module is always the best way to rev up my Sewjo, and I have some big plans to share with you today.

This module is going to be two knit tops, one blouse, one skirt, one pair of jeans, one jacket and one coat — that will all co-ordinate together! And though vaccines are on the horizon, this will still be a work-from-home focused module, made from cozy knits, wool and denim.


Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven in waffle knit from Califabrics

Of course I want to sew the Toaster Sweater after hearing so much about it from Suzanna on Threadquarters. She has absolutely raved about how quick and cozy this top is, and I can’t wait to make it up.

Lark Tee by Grainline Studios in green t-shirt ribbing

I’ve made the Lark Tee once before and I absolutely adore it. It’s one of the only t-shirts I didn’t box up with my summer clothes. I definitely want to make another one. The Lark has so many variations, I’m not sure yet which I’m going to choose. Probably the round neck as above, but with longer sleeves.

Clara Blouse by Sew Over It in a Blackbird Fabrics printed rayon

I bought the Clara blouse last year — I’m not sure which fabric I had in mind. I think it would be absolutely perfect with this large floral print from Blackbird Fabrics. I have 3.5 meters, so more than enough for this blouse. Of course, that means I may change my mind and do a shirtdress…


Maddie Skirt by Fibre Mood Magazine in plaid wool

I’m looking forward to this make the most, out of all of these.  Many months ago — after watching Victoria Lucille Anne’s YouTube video about Fibre Mood pattern tracing — I decided to order a back issue on eBay and see if it was for me. As you can imagine, it sat on the shelf for a long time before I decided to pull out the patterns and see if I could make any sense of them. What an odyssey! I picked the Maddie Skirt, which is the simplest pattern in the July 2019 issue. The pattern is only a couple of pieces but they are printed on top of each other, upside-down and backwards on four large pages. I was able to trace the largest piece off onto pattern tracing paper, but of course then forgot to add the seam allowances and cut it out. So I have that to do over again. Fibre Mood has some gorgeous patterns with really interesting details, so I’m going to figure it out!

Liana Stretch Jeans from Itch to Stitch in light blue stretch denim

This denim has been in my stash a long time and I’m very eager to get it sewn up. I ordered it from Califabrics the moment I finished the Mountain View Pull-on Jeans — also from Itch to Stitch — which I still wear nearly every day. My Mountain View jeans are boot cut, so I’m going to do these with a straight leg.


Coco Jacket from Sew Over It in gold boucle

The Coco Jacket is a pattern I received free for joining the Sew Over It PDF Club in 2020. The club costs about the same price as one pattern, and you get some sales and early access benefits along with it. This year, it’s called the “VIP Club.” I joined again but haven’t selected my 2021 pattern yet.

This gold boucle fabric was another mail-order surprise. It’s a very stiff, scratchy fabric that might be meant for upholstery, but I can’t imagine it even on a couch. I think it will work for the Coco Jacket because the jacket is lined — so I won’t feel the scratchy outer fabric, and I can use the boucle fringe as a detail.  This should go beautifully with the Maddie Skirt.

Lola Coat from Sew Over It in khaki ponte de roma

The Lola Coat is going to be the real wild card in this module. This pattern calls for a woven — wool or other coating. I had just started sewing when I bought this pattern. It comes in the fabulous eBook called My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break. City Break has five patterns and the Lola Coat is the only one I haven’t made. At the time, I didn’t know what a ponte was but had heard it was a structured knit that was not very stretchy. This turned out to not be true with this khaki ponte — as it could stretch from here to the end of my block. I’m going to try it anyway with this coat because … why not?  Better than the fabric just going to waste!

I can’t wait to get started on this module. I have one pair of pajamas to finish up and then you’ll start seeing these new makes! -rp