Geysers and Olympics in Iceland

We boarded a bus headed for the famous Geysir: from which all geysers worldwide get their name. It blew its top every eight minutes, as predicted. I could have watched it all day.

The prior night, we watched the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics and … wow! My favorite part is a tie between Mr. Bean playing Chariots of Fire and the Queen parachuting in with the new James Bond. In Reykjavik, we were glued to the screen. Every few minutes in the parade of nations a new group would cheer — that’s an Irish pub for you.

Eric and I cheered for every nation we’ve visited, of course, so people asked us first, “You’re Croatian?” Then, Ecuadorian? Then Fijian? I want every country we’ve visited to bring home the gold. Especially the places where we spent the most time, like Ecuador and India. Those are the favorites.